What is Prejudice, Discrimination and Inequality – by teachtechnical


The meaning for prejudice is to judge ot to have an idea about them before you really Know something about them. In other words, it is a negative feeling about a person because he/she belongs to a specific group, race religion or nationality. It can be said that having an opinion without knowing anything about particular person or Group. We can also say that prejudice is pre-judging. According to a famous psychologist. The feeling of superiority makes anyone narrow minded. When we discriminate people, we develop different attitude towards them. We form certain opinion about them. Something we think negativity about other people. Thus our views become prejudice. Something we are so strongly prejudice that we become rude with some person. Their feeling may be hurt by us. If we have negative thoughts about all the servant, we become prejudiced. Then we always think negative about them.

What is Prejudice, Discrimination and Inequality – by teachtechnical


The meaning of the discrimination is the practice of treating one person or a group of people less fairly than other people. In other words discrimination is an unfavorable action or behavior. When we treat certain people as inferior to other or stop them to take water from the common well, it is the act of discrimination. Some people who are engaged in certain unclean occupation, we look down upon them. In vedic period, people were divided into four major varnas. The Brahmins, the Kshatriya, the vasihyas and shutdas. Brahmin were supposed to the next to god while shudras had a low status in society. This system later gave rise to casteism. Due to this system later the evil of untouchability also came into being. For a long time the practice of racial discrimination in south africa proved the racial arrogance Among whites and against the blacks. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi tried to remove discrimination.

What is Prejudice, Discrimination and Inequality – by teachtechnical


Inequality can be seen based on sex or gender in many country such as india. Inequality is also because of caste destination and religion difference. During the middle age the religion wars took place between the Christians and Muslim due to their ill treatment. Racial difference gave rise to inequality. According to the Indian constitution, both men and women have equal rights.

What is Prejudice, Discrimination and Inequality – by teachtechnical

Shortcomings of discrimination and prejudice

Prejudice and discrimination are harmful in many ways :

  1. Prejudice and discrimination disturb the collective life of humanity. Mistrust, suspicious and bitterness give birth to prejudice and discrimination. The inequality of caste, race, religion and gender lead to discrimination

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