Computer kase chalta hai hindi main jaane puri tarah

Guys aaj ke post main main ap ko bataunga computer kase bare main computer kase apna kaam karta hai kase yah hamari language ko samjta hai es post main ap ko puri tarah helps karunga pure zarur padhe. Also read it _ Guys ap logo ko pata hoga ki ap jo mobile phone use […]

medical students ko India main kitna pesa lagta hai

Guys aaj ki topic main baat karenge Indian medical students ke bare main kase doctor banana hai doctor bane ke liye kya, kya karna padta hai ek medical student ko Also read it_ Pure zarur padhe ap ke liye kuch help full ho saskta hai es topic main or kaafi sari information vi mil […]

Bollywood movies pesa kase kamati hai

Guys aaj ki topic main baat karenge ki Bollywood movies pesa kase kamti hai 10 crores 20 crores yah janna ap ke liye bahut zaruri hai. Movie dekhte ho toh phir toh ap zarur pata hoga ki kase inta kamati hai koi ek movie. Es post main esi ke bare main baat karenge ap zarur […]

Bitcoin kya hai Bitcoin main investment kare ya nahi

Hello guys aaj ki topic main baat karenge bitcoin kya hota hai or es main investment kare ya na kare. Es post main puri tarah ap ko bataunga Bitcoin ke bare main pure zarur padhe. Taki ap ko acchi tarah Bitcoin ke bare main pata chal jae. Aakhir Bitcoin kya hota hai es mian kitna […]

Adunit wordpress pe kase banae step by step

Adunit Hey guys aaj ki topic main baat karenge ki ap kis tarah wordpress pe plugin ki madad se ap Adunit bana saskte ho wo vi step by step ap bataunga bahut hi aasan hai adunit banana. Ap ne bahut sari video dekhi ho gi ya blog study kya hoga per aaj main ap ko […]

Free main scholarship kase apply kare

scholarship paae Hey guys aaj ki topic tip and trick hindi main bat karenge ki ap kis tarah scholarship ke liye apply kar saskte ho or kase scholarship paa saskte ho wo vi free main_ es scholarship founder ka name hai Buddy4study. Also read it_ Main ap ko ek baat bata du es main koi […]

Sex Education Importance of sex Education

sex Education Sex is the biological need of all creatures. Anthropologist abhram maslow has included sex as the physiological need, the rudimentary basic need, equivalent to food and drink. Freud the father of psychoanalytical theories, regard sex as the stongest urge in man and main channel through which the life energy expresses itself. Also read […]

Family Needs Basis Needs in our life lifetimes

Family Needs We need various things to survive in family. At first, we need food, clothes and shelter to survive. Human beings is never satisfied with she/he has. Human will has no limitation. When one will is achieved, it makes room for other ten wills. However, essential needs should be fulfilled to obtain happiness in […]

Importance of family life education in our life

Family life education Our life is not only to survive on the earth, but also for living a prosperous life. In family, we can get this opportunity. If family is in a smooth movement and family members have broad mentality, it can be a storehouses of love, affection and care. Also read it- But […]

Planning of family in our life future planning

Family planning Also read it_ An action well planned is half finished. In terms of family life, an effective plan helps to live a happy and prosperous life. Parents should make an effective plan, considering the family management of income and expenditure as well as about the plan about education, discipline of the children […]