Type of Virus in Computer full Informations

A computer virus is a program designed to harm or cause on an infected computers. Its spread through e_mail attachment, portables device, website containing malicious script and file download. A virus program contains instruction to initiate some sort of event that affects can range from harmless to devastating. A computer virus attaches itself to the […]

IIT kya hai full Information in Hindi_teachtechnical.com

Guys aaj ki topic main baat karenge_us career options ki log kahate aaksar yah toh bahut hi muskil kam hai, agar jis ne yah kam kar liya samjo wo toh mahan hai. Baat karenge aaj IIT ke bare main engineering ki education paarapat karne ke liye IIT bahut acha mana jata hai. Also read it_ […]

medical students ko India main kitna pesa lagta hai

Guys aaj ki topic main baat karenge Indian medical students ke bare main kase doctor banana hai doctor bane ke liye kya, kya karna padta hai ek medical student ko Also read it_ http://teachtechnical.com/2019/04/07/bitcoin-kya-hai-bitcoin-main-investment-kare-ya-nahi/ Pure zarur padhe ap ke liye kuch help full ho saskta hai es topic main or kaafi sari information vi mil […]

Globalisation and the indian economy in English full information

Today consumer have a wide choise of good and service. The latest models of digital camera, mobile phones and television made by the leading manufacturing of the world are within our reach. Every season, new models of automobile are launched on Indian roads. Gone are the day when ambassador and fiat were the only cars […]

What is Prejudice, Discrimination and Inequality – by teachtechnical

PREJUDICE The meaning for prejudice is to judge ot to have an idea about them before you really Know something about them. In other words, it is a negative feeling about a person because he/she belongs to a specific group, race religion or nationality. It can be said that having an opinion without knowing anything […]

What is E-mail & how to use email id with function

E-mail Email is available over the internet enabling you to send and receive message on a global basic. Even better you can communicate globally for the cost of a local phone call. The reason for this is that you connect to the internet via your ISP (internet service provider) by dialing a local number. Once […]

List of internet domain extension and what they mean-

Domain name servers – DNS are the internet equivalent of a phone book. They maintain a directory of domain names and translate them to internet protocol (IP) address. This is necessary because, although domain names are easy for people to remember, computer or machine, access website based on IP addresses. 1.List of domain in the […]

World Wide Web (WWW) fact and History

Introduction (www) Up to early 1990,the use of internet was limited as a tool for communication and research almost exclusively for academic and military purpose. This scene was change radically with the introduction of the world wide web (www) or web in short in 1989. Presently its is the biggest and perhaps most important part […]

Diversity in india and important forms

Diversity in caste and religion. The people living in different parts of india are different. They belong to different castes, races and tribes. Their features, food habits, dresses, social custom and language are different. In the sphere of religion also a Great variety is found in india. Hindiusm, islam, sikhism, Christianity, jainsim, Buddhism, etc, are […]