Sex Education Importance of sex Education

sex Education

Sex is the biological need of all creatures. Anthropologist abhram maslow has included sex as the physiological need, the rudimentary basic need, equivalent to food and drink.

Freud the father of psychoanalytical theories, regard sex as the stongest urge in man and main channel through which the life energy expresses itself.

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For the normal life, sex should be normalized. Abnormal sexual activity’s provoke social disaster. Sex education provides knowledge about sexual desire, alternatives to sexual intercourse, sexual problem and the ways to tackle with them. Sex education is therefore a must.

According to WHO sex education is an educational programme designed to provide the learners adequate and accurate knowledge of biological, socio_culture and moral dimension of human sexuality is the core of sex education and is function of the total personality which includes the human reproductive system and processes individual feelings out being a woman or a man, embraces the biological, socio_culture and ethical aspects of humans sexual behaviour.

  1. Sex education is an educational programme.
  2. It is an organized systematic programme.
  3. It is an integrated education programme along with general and normal education.
  4. It is explorations of knowledge and attitude about sex deviation, perversion, normal sexual attitudes, human reproductive system, marriage, family life, bad affect of early marriage etc.
  5. It is an educational programme from the grassroots level.
  6. It is a continuous and life along programme.
  7. Sex education includes issues about our maleness and femaleness.
  8. It undertakes the anatomical and biological explanation of the human body.

Importance of sex education

Traditional societies take reproduction and sex as hidden subject not be discussed openly. Although the discussions of reproduction and sex education is important in our life.

The importance of sex education is given below:

  1. It helps to remove misconception regarding reproductive and sex.
  2. It helps to create sexual hygiene.
  3. It helps us understands the sexual behaviour in terms of family and society.
  4. It provides appropriate answer to the queries of adolescent regarding re_production and sex.
  5. It helps to protect from STDs and HIV/ AIDS.

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