Family Needs Basis Needs in our life lifetimes

Family Needs

We need various things to survive in family. At first, we need food, clothes and shelter to survive. Human beings is never satisfied with she/he has.

Human will has no limitation. When one will is achieved, it makes room for other ten wills. However, essential needs should be fulfilled to obtain happiness in family.

If family size is samll, family needs can be easily fulfilled. However, in large families, there are more human needs. All needs of all members cannot be fulfilled at once.

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They should be fulfilled according to priority of the needs. It may results a situations of misunderstand among family members. With an increasing family size, the standard of living in a family in a family starts to degrade.

  1. Self_actualization : morale, creativity, openness
  2. Esteem : self_esteem, confidence, achievements, respect
  3. Belonging love : friendships, family, sexual intimacy
  4. Safety : security, employment, health, property
  5. Psychological : breathing, food, sex, sleep, exception

Basic needs

The most rudimentary human needs, associated with survival of human being, are called as basic needs. Human beings cannot survive in the absence of these needs. One needs food to eat, water to drink and house to live in.

Basic need_ function

  1. Psychological needs : food, drink, sex
  2. Needs of safety : stability, security, structure

Basic needs in life

  1. Love and belonging needs: giving & taking love, affection, acceptance
  2. Needs of esteem: honour, respect, freedom
  3. Self actualization: self fulfillment

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