Planning of family in our life future planning

Family planning

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An action well planned is half finished. In terms of family life, an effective plan helps to live a happy and prosperous life.

Parents should make an effective plan, considering the family management of income and expenditure as well as about the plan about education, discipline of the children and all aspects related to family life.

While planning the family, parents must focus on keeping family size samll, access to health of the Child and mother and some other factors.

Involvement of female in planning of family

There is great role of female for the planning of family. A female is a great contributor for the success full continuation of family life.

However, it is a great obstacles for this. Male dominant society regards the role of female only as a housewife, a domestic servant. Still the females are not involved in the planning of family.

They have to move according to the plans made by males, lest it be disagreeable and inconvenient for them. Keeping in mind the vital role of female in the family, she must be involved in plan making in the aspects related to education, income and expenditure, health and all other related to family welfare.

Ther is no doubt about great contribution of female for the nation building, as females share more than half portion of total population. The burden of family affairs is still on the shoulder of female.

Children live more with their mother than with their father. She is not only the executive of domestic affairs but a moral teacher of her children, a good nurse of the children and the pillar of family as well.

Therefore, participation of female can play a significant role in any of the sensitive affairs of family life.

Opportunities and conservation can uplift the status of female. They should involve actively in the social affairs. In the social affairs.

In meeting, public programs and the program related to health, sanitation, and education and other, the voice of female should get equal importance to the voice of the males.

Adult education cab be effective for raising the stause of old female. Management of education provides female an opportunity to have an equal hand in decision making both within and outside family.

An educated female can play a determinant role in planning related to the issues of size of family, family welfare, marriage at appropriate age, and the use of contraceptive devices and so on.

She can also involve herself in population management and values and beliefs related to population. An educated female can also play the role of a burning candle.

She can provides education about nutrients, the precautions and procedures during pregnancy, delivery and other such periods. Besides these, she can also create awareness among uneducated female, about the method of using contraceptive devices, nutrition, childcare, sanitation etc.

Male should support females by listening to their voice and giving equal attention to thier words hence, female play a vital role for planning of the family.

Planning of family for future

It is right said that a stitch in time saves nine. Planning at present determine our luck in future. Young people of presents are the future patents.

Therefore, they must think how they should fulfil their responsibilities of the family wisely and effective. It is therefore necessary to think about managing and maintaining the prerequisite for living a prosperous life.

Family life education focused on such issues. It is therefore, targeted to the young people. It not only deals with the anatomical change seen in adolescence but also method to cope with them for the adjustment in society.

It includes the necessary knowledge and skills required for planning for the future, making regulation and reaching the conclusion.

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