what do you mean by ageing – Causing of ageing

Ageing – what do you mean by ageing

Life is dynamic. Human being gets birth, grows, becomes old and dies. She/he needs to pass different stages in this journey, called life.

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With the change in stages the biological, mental and social change occur in people. Crossing 60 years, the gradual deterioration in biological aspect culminates. This stages of life is called as a old age.

Ageing is biological factors rather than temporal one. This definition shows the probability of existence of non-ageing system, even after crossing 60 years in the old is as good as the new one. Ageing is an important part of all human societies reflection the biological change that occur but also reflection cultural and societal conventions.

Causing of ageing

There are various causes ageing

• Decrease in immunity power

• Decline of cells resulting weakness

• Decrease in physical strength and power

• Increase in mental tension

• Lack of proper care, nutrition and immunization during childhood

• Getting sick to a large extent

• Lack of adjustment and adaptation

• Overwork which leads to tear of the body

Change seen in ageing

  1. Physical changes
  2. Mental changes
  3. Emotional changes
  4. Social changes
  5. Economic changes

Ageing problem – ageing problem in life

At old age, people suffer from various diseases due to loss of immunity power. Similarly each and every part of the body starts to weaken. Thus, one has to cooperation, love and affection towards them are required.

In fact, ageing is not a problem in itself. Due to human self centeredness, ageing has become a burning problem not only in world. Ageing is being a challenge problem, it has been accepted as an important aspect of demography.

Ageing population effect economic, socio cultural and emotional and other various aspects of our life. The problem of elderly people has created complexity in industrialized and highly developed countries in companies to the developing countries.

Main reason for increasing ageing population

  1. People concern on balanced diet
  2. Increasing health services and facilities
  3. Immunization and modern treatment
  4. Prevention of epidemic diseases

The problems of ageing

• Diminished social status and insecurities about their importance to other people.

• Difficulty in adjusting to their retirement and change of daily routine.

• Feeling of inadequacy in meeting daily life situation.

• Loss of abilities to socialize and be of service to other to gain self-satisfaction and joy

• Strong desire to be useful to others in any way.

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