Why we needs family life in your daily life

Family life

Human beings is a social creature. As she/he cannot survive in isolation, she/he forms a group, in which the members have the similar feelings. Only family provides an opportunity to live a harmonious life.

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It is family, where we live and learn to live as a social creature. Family life is very broad term related to the issues of introduction, importance,type and essential characteristics of a family. There, it is necessary to be familiar with these issues to understand family life. In this post you will study about all these things.

Relations of family

The rope of various relations with various people fastens us. Some of these relations are biological, some of them are socio-cultural and some other are based on various aspects. We call people by using a relational term. The group of individuals related either by blood ,marriage or adoption ,living under the same roof and dining in the same kitchen and creating and practising a common subculture is called family.

This definition implies that family members are related by any of these three relations-kinship relation,matrimonial relation or the relation of adoption. The relationship between father/mother and a son is that of kinship, the relationship between husband and wife is that of marriage.

Origin of family

Human beings grow and develop their career in the family. Family originated out of natural instincts to live in a communal atmosphere. It is difficult to draw a specific date of origin of family.

Scientists believe that family system was started in the paleolithic era. Family in the antiquity was matriarchal as the males were wanderers and females has no fixied husbands. The family was an economic unit ,men hunted, while women gathered and prepared food and tended children.

Importance of family

Family is the cohort of intimately organized individuals who create and practise common subculture. It is unoin that combine people of various status age, sex, occupational status etc. it helps to rise the status of its members. It is the most rudimentary of all social structure.Family has a kind of bureaucracy and hierarchy that extends to social and global level. The importance of family is given below

  1. Helps to live a prosperous life
  2. Shares the grief and exaltation-happiness
  3. Easy to solve problems
  4. Cultivates socio-cultural values
  5. Socialization
  6. Cornerstone of love, affection and care

This all things our family provide us

Guys finally post is I hope you will learn better about family guys you now family is very important for our life don’t forgot it

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