Why people do marriage in own life


Human being is born, grows and dies on the earth. From birth to death, she/he needs to perform various activities and fulfill various responsibility. Marriage is one of the activities and responsibility, to be fulfilled by physically, mentally and socially eligible person.

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Every Normal person shows intersect in marriage when she/he reaches a certain age. One who does not have desire of marriage is an object of pity, ridiculous as well as surprise. But marriage is not as easy as we think. It is embedded with a chain of responsibility. If marriage take place in an inappropriate age, it ruins the status of family life.

Similarly in the absence of family life education, marriage may lead to family conflict and other problem. Marriage has it own significance in our Society. Marriage is an inevitable part of our life from social, cultural and biological point of view.

To systematize it every Society has its own rules and regulations, lest they be cultural or political.

Family is the union of two opposite sexes. It is a biological and psychological relationship between male and female. It is biological because the purpose of marriage is to admitting people of two opposite sexes to beget children.

Only marriage is the legal license to give birth to children. Howere, the end of marriage is not the act of procreation. Marriage is but a psychological relationship as well.

Marriage is to seek a company who shares one half burden. A husband or wife is not merely a partner of quenching sexual thirst but also a motivator at the time of necessity and consoler at the time of distress. Similu, marriage is an institution admitting men and women to enter family life.

Even without wedlock, children can be born. However, without the stable institution of marriage and the family they cannot be cared and reared well. It provide an access to physical, mental and spiritual development of the children.

The following definitions capture the essence of the term marriage.

Marriage is an institution admitting men and women to family life, that is to living in the intimate personal relationship of husband and wife for the primary purpose of begetting and rearing children.

Marriage is the public joining together, under socially specified regulations of the man and woman as husband and wife.

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