Types Of Local Government In India

Introduction of Local Government

In local government the people, the people within the community are elected to government ahttp://teachtechnical.com/2019/03/01/types-of-local-government-in-india/‎ (opens in a new tab) particular area. Such local authority must be able to associate with the local people. In our country, we have a number of such authorities that deal with local problem through the association of local people. http://teachtechnical.com/?p=392‎ (opens in a new tab)

Local bodies

India is large country. There are 28 states and 7 union territories in our country. There are geological, culture and religion diversity in the country. The people of different religion have different culture custom, food habits, language and dresses. The life style of the people also various from region to region. https://wp.me/pawmDN-66

Types Of Local Government In India

Types Of Local Bodies

Rural. Urban.

  1. Gram panchayat. 1. Town area Committee
  2. Panchayat samiti 2. Municipal council
  3. Zila parishad 3. Municipal corporation

Advantage of government – The local self government has the following

  1. Local matters like, sanitation, water supply, health care and primary education, etc can handled in a better way,
  2. Local people are provide with suitable opportunity to govern themselves and
  3. Local self government takes the democracy to the people living in the remotest corners of the country. Types Of Local Government In India

Panchayat Raj

The panchyat raj is a three tier system that works at three levels

The Panchayat rajy system has three tires

Zila parishad, Panchayat samiti, Gram Panchayat

At the village level, there are two bodies the gram Sabha and the gram panchyat, the block samiti at the block level and the zila parishad at the district level. The three institution together take care of the needs of the people at there area and take suitable steps to solve their problem. The three bodies together are know as panchayat raj system of which the Panchayat is the lowest unit of the local self government http://teachtechnical.com/2019/02/28/mar-ke-vi-kisi-ko-yaad-aayenge-love-shayari/

The Panchayat System

The word Panchayat stands for a body of five men. Even in ancient times, we had Panchayat that looked after various matter concerning the local People . it is the lowest unit of the locla goverment in a village. We call it a local government because the members of a Panchayat live in local area. In. Our country, the panchayat system existed in ancient time also and function well till the Mughal period. It lost its importance during the British rule. However, after independence, the government took effective steps to revive the system and organized gram panchayat. In 1992,the government of india amended the constitution and the constitution amendment act provide for established of Panchayat in all states and union territories. Types Of Local Government In India

Gram Sabha

The gram Sabha is the first body of a Panchayat. All its members are elected from the adult person of the village. A person should have attained the minimum age of 18 years in order to be elected as a members of a gram Sabha. The gram Sabha elected the gram pradhan or the president. It meets twice a year to perform certain function like – to approve the income and the expenditure estimate for the year – to consider new taxes which the gram Panchayat would like to levy etc

Gram Panchayat

For the purpose of election, the village is divided into many ward’s. The gram Sabha elects its representative to the gram Panchayat. If it is not satisfied with the performance of a members of the gram panchayat, it can remove the member from its post by passing a vote of No- confidence. Every gram Panchayat is headed by an elected sarpanch. He is elected by the gram Sabha. The gram Panchayat, the sarpanch and other panch are all honorary office – bearers. They dont any salary in lieu of their jobs. The Panchayat secretary is a government employee and a salaried officer. He maintains the records of all activity of the Panchayat.

Types Of Local Government In India

Sources Of Income Of Panchayat

The maintain sources of income of the panchayat

  1. Taxes on houses, shope.
  2. Taxes on village markets and fairs.
  3. Free for registration sale and purchrof land, property or cattle.
  4. Grant-in-aids and loans from the state government

Useful Of Panchayat

  1. It understand the problem better than anyone else and helps them solving their problems.
  2. A Panchayat is the first steps to democracy. It teacher the villagers the first lesson of electing their representative.
  3. It is less expensive as the panch do their jobs on honorary basic.
  4. It teacher the people to live amifably and in harmony.
  5. It teacher the people to live amicably and in harmony.
  6. Its train’s and involve people in the working and running of administration.

The Block Samitis

Block samiti is the second unit of Panchayat raj system. It is formed at the block levelhttps://wp.me/pawmDN-5H

It is some states by different names in different states. In. Some states it is known as khand samiti or kshetriya smaiti. Its work as an essential link between the gram Panchayat and the zila parishad.

The Zila Parishad

The zila parishad or the district council is the higest unit of the panchayat raj system. It coordinate the activities of the various Panchayat Samiti. It also serves as a link between the block samiti within the district and the state government https://wp.me/pawmDN-5H

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