Democratic Government In Country

How They participate

The citizens of a country can particpate in government affair in many ways. All citizen who are minimum 18 years age, can elect their representative. It shows taking interest in running the government through elections. The election are held at regular interval. The people have supreme power. In india, they participate about 60%.

A democratic government ensure that their intrest shall be taken care of. The government can be changed if it failed to do work for the welfare of the country. The policies and the action of the government are open to criticism. People are free to express their view on the government policies. The government has to pay attention on the views of people. The elected representative who run the government, must realise their responsibility. The must work for the welfare of the citizens of the country. They are answerable for their work. There are checks on their performance. So the elected representative are accountable to the citizens. In democracy, people can rise their voice against injustice. They show their disapproval by launching movements. Democratic Government In Country

Opposition In Democracy

In democracy, opposition party play an important role. Opposition keeps a check upon the government policies by organism dharnas or agitation. But when opposition opposes for the sake of opposing, politics become a dirty affair. Thus, criticism Should be constructive. Newspaper always play an important role to organize the public opinion. Today, T. V. has become very popular. Radio and newspaper are the powerful medium of information and entertainment. In the newspaper, people read about the problem as a difficulties faced by the People. Various matters are published in the newspaper about politics. People are aware of the activity around them and make their opinion. Thus, the role of mass media is to form public opinion in a democratic country. Democratic Government In Country

Influence Of Resolution Of Contact Of The Government

Conflict resolution means the final solution of the problem to the satisfaction of all the parties. The problem can be resolve in democracy by many ways. Discussion. Usually a broad agreement comes after discussion. We should have tolerance to other if we not agree with them. Majority should have their say. The government had to resolve the conflicting opinions. Democratic Government In Country

Equality And Justice

All Indians are equal before the low. The constitution of india include several measure that the government should take to provide maximum opportunities to people so that the objective of equality and Justice are achieved. There should be freedom to vote and to get employment. There should be no caste or class distinction against any citizen on ground of religion. Equality and Justice go always together. Democratic Government In Country

Indian government has taken many measure to promote the interests of the scheduled and other weaker section of the society. All citizens are born free and have equal rights. The Indian constitution gives the People many right as right to equality, right to freedom of religion and right to education, etc

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