What is Government – Need of government and Important of Government in Country


Without government the country or state would be like an disorganized mass with no means of collective action. The government is needed to maintain law and order in the country. It protects the country from intruders and looks after the welfare of the citizen. Modern government has many works to perform as well, such as opening the education institutions, building roads, bridges, digging of canals for irrigation, setting up different industries and setting up medical facilities, etc. Thus modern government is different from the ancient and medieval times government. It perform many function and takes a number of decision to achieve government objective. No single individual can take the right decision. So we select people who understand people need and are mature by way of age.

What is Government-Need Of Government and Important of Government In Country


There are various types of government. But democracy, monarchy and dictatorship are the most common forms.


In democratic government people have the rights to participate in the governing process and in making important decision of the welfare of the society. The term democracy first appeared in ancient break political and philosophicalthought.http://teachtechnical.com/2019/03/02/types-of-local-government-in-india/ The system of rule by the governed, with the alternative system of monarchy (rule by one individual) oligarchy (rule by a small elite class) and timocracy.


A dictatorship is a government, where people have no right to participate in ruling the nation. The whole power is vested in single person. The powers of the dictator can not be checked. In dictatorship, the people cannot elect or change their government. Hitler in germany, mussolini in italy and Stalin in Russia are example of dictator in the world.

What is Government-Need Of Government and Important of Government In Country


The works of a government is complex and huge. The government has to maintain school, hospital and law and order. It keeps the city clean. The important work of the government is to protect the country. Our government works at the local level, state level and central level. Local government means administration by the district magistrate and superintendent of police. We have the governor, the chief minister and state legislature at state level. At central level, we have the president of india, the prime minister and the parliament

What is Government-Need Of Government and Important of Government In Country .


Three function are performed by the government – (1) The legislative function (2) The executive function and (3) The judicial function.


(a) Its main function is to make new laws and amends.

(b) It execises control over the executive. The ouncil of minister is answerable to the parliament.

(c) Parliament can amend the constitution according to the procedure.

(d) It controls the government finances. The budget is presented before the parliament by the finance minister. Parliament can reject or pass any proposed tax.


(a) It enforce the rule and laws. It punishes those who break the laws.

(b) A bill become law only when the president gives his assent to it. The president can Issue ordinance and dissolve the parliament.

(c) The executive looks after the defence of the country and maintain the integrity of the country.

(d) It prepare the budgets and gets it passed by the legislature.

(e) It had right to collect taxes to spend the money.

(f) It appoint Judges in consultation with the cheif justice of the supreme court.


(a) It examines that the laws are being obeyed or not. It punished them who break thr laws.

(b) It has the sole power of interpreting the constitution.

(c) It important function is to style the dispute among the citizen and between citizens and the government.

(d) It protect the fundamental rights of the citizen. These right are granted to the construction against other individual or the state.

(e) president can seek the advice of it regarding the level position of any matter.

What is Government – Need of government and Important of Government in Country

Right to vote (universal adult franchise)

When all adult citizen have a right vote or franchise it is called universal adult franchise. Right to vote is the most important requirement for successful democracy. In india, a citizen of 18 year and above has right to vote in election. He can choose any candidate of his choice standing for the central, state or local government.

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