What is E-mail & how to use email id with function


Email is available over the internet enabling you to send and receive message on a global basic. Even better you can communicate globally for the cost of a local phone call. The reason for this is that you connect to the internet via your ISP (internet service provider) by dialing a local number. Once connect to the internet, you can send and receive email with someone in the same room or on the other side of the world – it makes no difference to your phone bill. In the same way you can browse web page globally, also at local call rates. Transmission is very fast. Messages will be delivery to the recipient in a few minutes or second regardless of the physical / Geographical distance. With E-mail you can send a simple text or attach document, image, and music file. All this is possible only if the recipient has an email account and a mailbox by a provider. Access to the mailbox is Generally controlled by a password or other forms of authentication which allow the user to prevent others using their email and reading the message. One process is the POP3 (post office protocol 3) server, which holds emails in a queue and delivers email to the client when they are requested. The other is the SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) server that receives http://teachtechnical.com/2019/02/02/what-is-e-mail-how-to-use-email-id-with-function/‎ (opens in a new tab)outgoing email from client and send and receives email from other SMTP servers.

What is E-mail & how to use email id with function

The mail folders

• Inbox new message as well as message that have been read.

• Outbox message not yet sent

• Sent items message that have been sent (moved here form outbox)

• Deleted items message deleted from any folder

• Custom folders additional folders created by the user

Email Terminology

Attachment : an uploaded file picture, song, documents, etc. Send over email.

BCC: short for blind carbon copy. Adding email address to the BCC line of an email is a way to email multiple recipient without revealing their email addresses to other recipient. This is good idea if you want to protect the privacy of your contact.

CC: short for carbon copy / adding email address to the CC line of an email is a way to send a copy of an email to someone who is not the main recipient. Use cc to keep people inform to topics they have many an interest in. Contact list a list of people you communicate with over emailhttp://teachtechnical.com/2019/03/02/urban-local-government-in-india/

Contact lists : it can include name emails address, phone number, physical addresses, username, and more.

Draft : an unfinished and unsent email. A draft is saved in the draft folder.

Subject : descriptive text that explain the purpose of a message.

Reply : respond to a received message. Abbreviated as RE.

Reply all : respond to all recipient of a message. Be careful when reply to multiple recipient.

Spam : junk mail sent over email. Some spam contains viruses that could harm your computer and mobile, so nerver open email from an unknown sender. Many email program use spam filter that try to keep spam out of the Inbox.

Folder/Label : used to organize email by user specified category.

Forward : send a copy of an existing message to a new recipient. Abbreviated a FW.

Inbox : place Where message are received. Unread messages are usually displayed in bold.

What is E-mail & how to use email id with function

The pros –

• its fast. Most message are delivered within minutes sometimes second around the world the inconvenience an d cost of using a postal service. In fact, postal service is often referred to as snail mail by email users.

• Its personal. While the nature of email is informal, its efficiency is an excellent substitute for telephone conversatios.

• The sender and the receiver don’t have to be working at the same time. Email avoids problem such as telephone tag or tying to contact someone in a different time zone.

• Email makes it easy to keep record of your communication. You can save and refer to later copies of the email you send as well as those you receive.

What is E-mail & how to use email id with function

The Cons –

• junk mail (also referred to as spam). This is as annoying in email as it is with traditional mail. Most email services now filter incoming mail and sort email message that are most likely advertisement or scams Into a folder called” spam.

• Misinterpretation. Email arrives without tone or facial expressions, which can lead to misunderstanding.

• Email message can be passed on to other. You should alway count on the possibility of your message ending up in the inbox of someone it wasn intended for

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