World Wide Web (WWW) fact and History

Introduction (www)

Up to early 1990,the use of internet was limited as a tool for communication and research almost exclusively for academic and military purpose. This scene was change radically with the introduction of the world wide web (www) or web in short in 1989. Presently its is the biggest and perhaps most important part of the internet. Actually a common user is concerned with the www only, due to which it is understood as another named for the internet. The WWW is set of program, stands and protocol governing the way in which website are created and displayed on the internet. Website are actually multimedia files, that contains a combination of text, photograph, video and audio. Before after introduction of www, the internet popularity grew tremendously because of the huge collection of all type of information available on it. For using this information all you need is to connect your computer with the internet and connection to internet is easy as dialing telephone. This is the secret of the popularity of the internet.

Features of WWW

There are many features or attributes of www, that have contributed significantly to its success. Some of these features are described in below.‎ (opens in a new tab)

• WWW is user friendly. An user can access and use it in very user friendly way.

• WWW is full of web pages construct from multimedia document. Information on the web, which may be of any type e.g. graphics, audio- video, animation and text of a combination of all, can be viewed in web page. Web pages are describe in the next section in details.

• The WWW support fully hypertext files and hyperlink. Thus net surfing become very easy to the users.

• WWW is of interactive nature, which support and enables interacivity between users and servers through hyperlink or families dialog boxes containing common control object like radio button, check boxes text boxes etc.

• WWW also support frames, which is a means of displaying more than one independently controllable section on a single web pages.

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