Diversity in india and important forms

Diversity in caste and religion.

The people living in different parts of india are different. They belong to different castes, races and tribes. Their features, food habits, dresses, social custom and language are different. In the sphere of religion also a Great variety is found in india. Hindiusm, islam, sikhism, Christianity, jainsim, Buddhism, etc, are followed by different section of the Indian population. Our constitution has accepted these diversities and people can worship god in their own way. http://teachtechnical.com/2019/03/02/urban-local-government-in-india/They go to Temple, masque, gurudwara and churches for praying. The modes of worship also very even within people following the same religion. All religion teach love, faith, compassion tolerance and brotherhood.

Diversity language in india

There are 22 language that are spoken in india by million of people or more. These language are hindi, urdu, Sanskrit, punjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, marathi, bengali, Assamese, Oriya, tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Nepali, kashmiri, Manipuri, kankani, santhali, maithili, bodo and dogri. The hindi is our national language.

Diversity festivals in India

India is a country of different festivals. Hindus celebrate mainly holi, diwali, dussehra, raksha bandhan, and janmashtami. Baisakhi is the harvest festival of punjab. Onam is celebrate in Kerala. Pongal and bihu are celebrate as harvest festival in tamil nadu and Assam. Muslim celebrate eid as their important festival. On 25th December, Christmas is celebrate by Christian. http://teachtechnical.com/2018/12/28/diversity-in-india-and-important-forms/‎ (opens in a new tab)There are three national festivals which are celebrate by all Indians. Our national festivals are – independence day (15th August), republic day (26th January) and Mahatma Gandhi birthday (2nd October).

Why we need for diversity our life

We see diversity everywhere in natural thing and human being. Two humans are not the same. We live in the same manner but things differently. We wear saome clothes of different colours. We react in the different manner. Will it be imagined a colourful living. Yes, of course Indian constitution had accepted all these diversities and allowed people to follow their own faith and worship god in their own way. So, unity is not possible in all respect. One can be a good doctor or a good engineer but may not be a good singer. There are farmers lawyers, teacher, doctor etc. All these people have acquired different skills. Diversity leads to development of both the individual and the society. Every person depends on other to fulfil his need. We cannot imagine a school without student and teacher or construction of a building without mason, carpenter etc. These different interest and skill bring people together and make them inter – dependent. According to ramkrishna paramhansa, many river flow by many ways but they fall into the sea. They are All one. So diversity has its need and important. It ads to variety and luster in human life. But these diversities cannot be allowed to divide and weaken us.

Geographical factors in diversity of the region

The Geographical features influence the diversity of a region. The dresses, food habits, cultural and custom of the people are decided according to the Geographical conditions of any region. The life style the people and their food habits depend on the Geographical conditions of a place. In Bengal and bihar people like the preparation of rice because these states are good for the cultivation of paddy. Kashmir wear long woolen phirana due to cold region. Thus we see that geographical conditions of a place have a deep impact on the life style of the people.

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