What is Website and web URL

A website is a file or location on a net server, which is made available to the web users. Each website has a unique name or the address, by which it is identified and accessed. Address of a website is called URL (Uniform Resource Locator). For example, the website of Bombay stock exchange has an address or URL as ‘http://www.teachtechnical.comhttp://teachtechnical.com/2019/02/02/what-is-e-mail-how-to-use-email-id-with-function/

Web Page

In a website the information is shown is shown after dividing it in many parts. Each part is called a web page. A website may contain one or more web pages. Each web page is a documents prepared in a web designing language such as HTML or java. The first or main page of a website is called its home page. When a website is opened, generally its home page is displayed.

Web Portal

Some website host other website, they have links to address or URL of other website such website are called web portals. In other words, as a web Portal has hyperlinks to other website by clicking upon these links, the corresponding website can be opened. There are many popular web portals, like www.yahoo.com, www.googel.com, etc. The internal structure of the world wide web is built on a set of rules called Hypertext Transfer protocol (HTTP) and a page description language called hypertext markup language (HTML). Every website and web page contain in it have to follow these rules in order to be able to display their contents on other computer.http://teachtechnical.com/2018/12/27/what-is-website-and-web-url/‎ (opens in a new tab) A website is independent of the operating system and it can be opened on any computer running on any operating system so far as it follows the protocol of the Internet.

Web Address

The unique name or address by which a website is Know, recognised and accessed on the internet is called its web address. It is also called uniform resource locator or URL. A web address has the following format : type address. Where type specific the type of the server in which the file is located, address is the address of the server. For example in URL http://www. teachtechnical.com’ of a web Portal, http’ is the type of the server and ‘www.googel’ is its address. When we want to opened a website its URL is typed in the address box. If no type is given then ‘http’ is assumed by default. We may also opne a web page directly by adding it part on the URL of that website.

A URL has the following elements, which identify the complete internet address of a website :

• The name of the protocol, which the server uses, such as ‘http’

• The name of the web server on the internet, such as ‘www’

• The name of the website, such as ‘google’

• The complete URL of a website is constructed by adding all these parts, each separated by a dot(.). Only the name of the protocol is followed by a colon(:) and two forward slashes (//), as in ‘http://www.googel.com’. In any typical URL the protocol name is identifies both the protocol and the server.

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