Uses Of Internet In world .

Today the Internet is being used in many ways as listed below. 

. Primarily Internet is used to get access to all types of information and to send and receive e- mails. 

. Internet is used to get access to complex databases, such as financial databases. 

. Use of Internet for E-commerce is increasing day by day. This includes advertising, selling, buying and distrusting product and services. It is also used to providing  after sales service through call center.

. Business house and institutions use the Internet for voice and video conferencing and other forms of communication that enable people to telecommunicate or work together from a distance. 

. The use of electronic mail over the Internet has greatly speeded  communication between companies and individuals.‎ (opens in a new tab)

. media and Entertainment company use the  Internet to broadcast audio and video, including live radio television program. They also offer online chat group, in which people make discussion via written text. 

. Internet is used for broadcasting online news and weather reports. 

. Scientist and scholars use the internet to communicate with colleagues,  to perform research, to distribute lecture notes and course materials to student and to publish papers and articles. 

. Individual use the internet for communication, entertainment, finding, information, and to buy and sell goods and services. 

. Internet is also used in searching job by submitting resume to ready to needy companies and employment provides. 

  How to connect with internet 

For using the internet, we have to connect our computer and mobile with it. For this we should have proper hardware, software, a telephone line and a network connection from an internet service provide. 

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